15 Strategies You Can Use to Correct Your Husband That Won’t Hurt Him


15 Strategies You Can Use to Correct Your Husband That Won’t Hurt Him

From experience, some women hurt their husbands in the name of correcting them. They speak harshly; they approach harshly and they can be very brutal at times.

Lots of men are living their lives in bitterness and anger due to the careless ways their wives have been talking to them over time.

Here, you will be able to know the right ways to talk to your husband without hurting him:

1. Lower Your Voice at The Point of Correction.

You don’t have shout at him, lower your voice to a reasonable point that your neighbors and children will not know what you are saying. You need to know that he is not your house boy or your child, he deserves respect.

Correct him with a calm voice and also in love. Let him feel the respect and loyalty always in the tone you are using to correct him.

2. Do it in Love.

Your correction should be done in love. If done in any other way, it may look like criticism and condemnation to him which may even lead to argument.

3. Do not Criticize Him.

Stop criticizing him. Rather, correct with love, loyalty and respect. criticism and lack of loyalty and respect causes bitterness, and depression for men.

Many will say it’s constructive criticism, but do you know it’s not? It means condemnation by pointing out his errors and mistakes openly. Some women don’t even care to do that to him in public, even in the presence of his children, friends or family. If you have been doing that to your husband before please stop it because it’s not normal even if he has taking that from you before.

4.  Avoid instant reaction.

When your husband did what doesn’t please you or when you don’t agree with what he has done, just try not to react immediately, give it time. Let the matter settle before you call his attention to what he has done wrong. For example, “Darling I don’t like the way you addressed me in the presence of your friends then, it made me look like a fool” at that moment he is expected to say sorry Darling and you should allow the matter to end there don’t keep on dragging the issue.

[Correction is the act of offering better options to mistakes]

Correction And Criticism Are Not The Same.

Wife A says, “What manner of husband is this?” “Is this how your mates are making it on the street?” “How I wish I married a more sensible husband with better home training and who can do things better.”

Wife B says, “Sweetheart what is troubling your mind? Don’t feel bad about the present situation because better days beep ahead. Let’s reason together to create the perfect future that we pictured from the beginning. Let’s carry this burden together ”

Wife A criticized, while wife B encouraged her husband in love. Which of the two women will her husband cherished if not the B? So stop being the one who will be criticizing your husband, learn to overlook, and encourage your husband when needed.

5. Learn to Praise Him For His Little Right.

When you are always correcting him without appreciating him at times; even some of his good deeds will look like like he his doing bad to him, he won’t wish to do more, and do you know It’s wrong to correct when you have not once appreciate him? As a good wife you have to form the habit of praising and appreciating your husband for his good deeds. Stop voicing out only when your husband disappoint.

6. Do Not do It Before Your Children.

Avoid correcting your husband in the presence of your children. You need to know that Incessant correction of your husband in the presence of your children is like telling them not to respect their father again and you are also giving them bad training because when your female children get to the stage of marriage too you are also telling them to do the same to their husbands.

7. Do not Correct Him in The public And Avoid using Ego to Correct.

Avoid correcting your husband in the public, and don’t use ego to correct him because you want to show him that you knows better than him. Don’t try correcting him in the presence of the family. Neither his own family nor yours deserve to know when you want to correct him likewise friends. If you can’t do it the correction secertly it’s better not to do it because if you do it openly it won’t show you as a virtuous woman and it will also affect his own self-esteem (ego).

8. Avoid Correct Him in Anger.

Stop correcting your husband in anger, shouting, ranting, beating and making trouble. Virtuous women don’t do that you need to know that understanding and maturity is one of the beauty of a virtuous woman.

9. Do not Compare Him With Any Other Men.

In your thought of correcting him, you might have been comparing him with other men. Those you have met in the past or current people you know or he knows. Don’t do that it’s very wrong. Things like:

“Don’t you see what your friend is doing?”

“You can’t even do half of what my ex has done for me.”

“Can’t you learn from our neighbour’s husband?”

“I think you should borrow a leaf from Deacon Micheal”

All these are very wrong, no man loves to be compared with others, stop it.

10. Avoid Talking About The Past.

Avoid referring to issues you have already discussed and have settled before the time. Stick to the present issue, discuss like adults and move on.

11. Do Not attack him using his Integrity to rubbish him.

Don’t say, “And you call yourself a man?” “Nobel men don’t behave like this, you better change before I change you.” This is very wrong, don’t do it.

12. Do Not Rubbish His Dignity.

Don’t say, “You don’t behave like someone with sense, do you think at all?” “And you said you went to school, I doubt it.” Don’t talk like this to your husband, it is wrong!

13. Do Not Attack his manhood or anything that can physically injure him.

Some women are fond of attacking their husbands’ manhood anytime they make mistakes, and don’t also say things like, “I don’t blame you, you are just a man” “men are not known to be wise” all those abusive words will only trigger is anger.

This is very wrong. Science has proved that men’s brain works just like the brain of women.

Men are not necessarily wiser than women, wisdom is not about gender.

14. Do it in Time of Peace.

Most wives want to correct in the heat of anger, at the height of misunderstanding, when temper has already hit the roof. That is not the best time to correct; it will yield little or no result.

15. Give a Helping  hand.

The best way to correct is to lead by example. Put yourself in his shoes. Try and find a way to understand the burden on his shoulder and lighten by giving advice that will be a solution to the puzzle that plagued his heart. He will always be happy to communicate issues with you whenever he’s facing challenging situation knowing that he has the best adviser in the world.

Husbands are doing great job. Appreciate yours and support him to be a better husband and good father to your children. Stop bringing your husband down in the name of correction. Trust me all men deserve some accolades.

Stay safe and make others around you safe too.