10 Signs To Know When A Person Is In Love With You.

10 Signs To Know When A Person Is In Love With You.

People who loves us around us can be showing us green light but if we are not observant we may not know if we don’t take not of the 10 things below.

 1. Attention

Does the person gives you attention or you’re the one always asking and demanding for attention?

We give attention to something or someone that interests us. We don’t waste our time in someone or something we’re not interested in. So, when someone often gives you his or her attention, it’s a sign of interest or love.

That guy that has been eyeing you, always looking for your attention, that lady showing green light is a sign.

2. Care

Another word for care is maintenance, upkeep or treatment. So, when someone loves you, the person will show care. He will take you as his responsibility. She will show concern about your well-being.

Someone that has nothing for you, doesn’t care, they just want to eat you and go but someone that cares, will provide you with things necessary for your maintenance, upkeep and treatment. He or she will provide to the best of his or her ability.

3. Respect

Respect means to have or show regard for someone, his personality, opinion and decisions.

So, does your partner respects you, does he show regard for your person, opinion and decisions? Does she treats you anyhow? Respect or lack of it is a sign.

4. Giving 

Giving is also a sign. The Bible said that God so loved the world and He gave His only Son, Jesus.

When someone loves you, he will give you something. He will give you his money, gifts, time, company and even himself. Vice versa.

 5. Sacrifice

Sacrifice has always been the true mark of true love. Love is selfless. Love spends itself at the expanse of the person loved.

How often does he go out of his way because of you. How often does he or she sacrifices his comfort because of you? Now that you are still struggling to start life as a guy, can she endure and build life with you. So, check it. Sacrifice is a sign.

6. Protection

We protect our own. We protect someone or something we consider important to us. Does he protect you from harm, his unruly family members, friends?

When there’s love, there will be protection. God protects us from the onslaught of the devil because He loves us.

 7. Jealousy

Jealousy is a sign too. When guys are coming around you as a lady wanting to toast you, how does your guy react? Does he show concern that someone may take you from him or he doesn’t send you?

When someone loves you, he will guard and protect you from being taken by someone else. He will react and fight to win you over. Vice versa.

8. Forgiveness

Forgiveness means to release the anger, hatred and resentment you have against someone because of what he did to you.

Forgiveness is not easy especially when you did nothing wrong before the person wronged you, like cheating on you when you have been faithful to him.

When someone easily forgives you despite your wrong doing, it’s a sign of you. Don’t take it for granted. Don’t think you deserve it. Forgive is a sign.

 9. Tolerance

Tolerance means the ability to endure or to be patient with something or someone that’s not pleasant it maybe pain, hardship or misbehavior.

So, when someone loves you, he should be able to tolerate your foolishness, weaknesses, shortcomings and iberiberism.

This does not mean that you go on to be foolish or to misbehave, no. It means that while the person is tolerant and patient with you, you work on your weaknesses and shortcomings because tolerance and patience have a limit. I have a limit of what I can endure. We are not God that His mercies endures forever.

10. Vulnerability

Vulnerability is a state of being weak, defenceless, helpless, unprotected, unguarded, etc. It’s also a condition of releasing yourself to someone. Love always comes with vulnerability.

When you are vulnerable, you’re susceptible to attack or being harm. This is why many people are afraid to release themselves to anyone because of disappointment, blackmail, harm, heartbreak etc. You see them appearing hard and fierce, they’re afraid.

When someone is free with you, hides nothing from you, exposes his or her weaknesses and shortcomings to you, it’s a sign of love and trust. Don’t hurt or blackmail someone that’s vulnerable to you. Don’t take it for granted.

Let me stop here. All other things being equal, when a person truly loves you, these 10 signs will be obvious. Love doesn’t hide itself.